Minecraft Gets Its Final Update for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

We’ve recently heard that Minecraft is getting its last content update for those who play it on Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita. This new update comes with new features, like pandas and even some new cats, which also came to the Bedrock Edition of the game, and bamboo. It also has a Nightmare before Christmas Mash-Up Pack and other new improvements.

According to a source, around 21 million people play Minecraft since its release date, in May 2012, and the developers of the game gather pictures or videos from the past gameplays from its players. This actually means that the only console versions of Minecraft that will continue to get updates are the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One and the Bedrock edition. Also, the Console Edition on the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft bought the rights of the game for $2.5 billion and had improved the game in any way, including bringing cross-platform multiplayer, between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, Windows 10 and mobile phones.

This update with pandas is the most recent one, and many more updates will happen soon, due to the universal nature of the game.

If you couldn’t leave Xbox 360 yet, it might be the perfect time to get an Xbox One. The Minecraft Creators Bundle cost $199, a thing that has 1TB console, 1000 Minecoins, the game, and mash-up skin and texture packs that will help you if you’re a beginner.

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