Military Truck to Run over Protesters in Venezuela: What’s the Situation in the Country. Trump Joins, Too

There is something horrible happening in Venezuela. On Tuesday, the streets of Caracas have turned into complete chaos, after a military vehicle drove directly into a crowd of protesters.

In the meantime, Donald Trump is threatening to block Cuba if the troops of the country don’t cease the military and all the other operations. He stated that these operations happen only to cause death and destruction to the Constitution of Venezuela.

There was a Venezuelan National Guard vehicle that was caught on video driving right through a crowd of anti-Maduro protesters, outside the military base in Caracas. The protesters were throwing stones and were hitting numerous vehicles with sticks, after the opposition leader, called Juan Guaido, asked the members of the military to rise up. It is not known yet if there are any injuries from this incident.

After this incident happened, some of the protesters were seen throwing Molotov cocktails, which led to the back of the vehicle to burst in flames.

Guaido called the military uprising in order to get rid of the President Nicolas Maduro

Guaido posted a video on Twitter earlier on Tuesday, saying that he begins the final phase of his campaign to get rid of Maduro – he was calling the military and the people of Venezuela to back him up.

Trump then tweeted that the US would ban entrance in Cuba if the troops don’t get back. He made a promise, saying that he would apply the ban and the highest level sanctions on the country.

The UN asked both of the sided to use the maximum restraint to avoid the violence of any kind, and to start restoring calm.

People also heard gunshots at the rally. Many armed troops clashed with the soldiers that support Maduro at a rally that took place outside the La Carlota air base in Caracas.

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