Marta Stewart to Make a Partnership with a Canadian Cannabis Firm

We all know who Martha Stewart is. She has some big plans for the future. Apparently, she wants to partner up with one of the biggest marijuana producers in order to make a CBD product line for both humans and their pets. The producer is Canopy Growth Corporation, and they are excited for this to happen – to work alongside Martha Stewart and sharpen their CBD products to animals, too.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is that part of the marijuana plant that’s not psychoactive. It’s good for your health; many people already consider it medicine that can treat pain, anxiety, insomnia and even depression. Some say that’s an aphrodisiac, that can also be used as a treatment for skin disorders or even multiple sclerosis or diabetes.

This partnership also includes animals

Martha Stewart said that she was happy to get in this partnership with Canopy Growth because she can share with them the knowledge she had gained after year and years of personal experience on this matter. She said she’s excited of that part of the project that includes animals.

In the past, Martha Stewart said that she was not a marijuana smoker, even if everyone knows about her friendship with Snoop Dogg, who’s well known for his music career and for his weed. Together they have a show, that’s called “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party,” that has been nominated to Emmy. The show is so much fun, and it also comes with the usual references to pot. The rapper said in one show that he was not high at that moment, but that whoever gave them the show, much had been.

Steward said is one interview that she has never rooted for marijuana, and that she does not touch it, but that she gets high from secondary smoke, which is happening a lot around the studio.


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