Mark Zuckerberg Wants Governments to Help in Controlling the Internet Content

Facebook’s CEO said that regulators and governments should have a more active role when it comes to controlling the internet content. He also said that the responsibility for monitoring all the harmful content out there is too much for firms to handle.

Mark Zuckerberg asks for new laws in four main areas: election integrity, data portability, harmful content, and privacy. This comes two weeks after a gunman has live-streamed his attacks on a mosque in New Zealand.

He states that those who make the law told him that all these firms have too much power over speech. He said he agrees on this matter. He said he was creating an independent body so that people could appeal their decisions.

He also said he made a list of new rules that he would like to see applied to tech companies. He said that all should be the same for all websites and that it should be easier to stop all the harmful content from spreading out there quickly.

What are the rules of Mark Zuckerberg?

Common rules for all social media sites, enforced by third-party bodies, in order to control the spread of harmful content

All tech companies to write a transparency report and financial report every three months

Around the world – stronger laws to protect the integrity of elections. Common standards for all the websites to identify political actors

Laws that apply to elections, candidates and to other political issues. Also, these laws should also apply outside the official campaign periods.

New ways to control how political campaigns use data of the users, in order to target them online

European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation should be adopted by more countries

A common global framework – meaning laws should be all standardized globally, and not different from country to country.

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