Man Dead After E-Cigarette Explosion

A man from Texas died after a massive stroke. His e-cigarette has exploded and tore his carotid artery. In his death certificate it is written that he died from cerebral infarction and herniation after some junk from the exploding vape pen tore his left carotid artery. The explosion happened on the 27th of January, in a parking lot of a store full of vaping supplies. The manager of the store called an ambulance after he has seen the accident.

How it all started?

He went into the store to ask for help with his vape pen, but he did not buy anything. He found out that the store does not sell that brand of vape pens. He was rushed to the hospital and put in a medically-induced coma. The x-rays showed a part of the e-cigarette that was stuck in his throat. That piece cut his lip, then went into his throat and got stuck there. His family did not understand why the doctors did not want to operate right away.

The JPS Health Network said that they cannot give us more details on the Brown case, because of the health privacy laws. They have expressed their sincere condolences.

The devices work with a battery

The devices and vape pens work with a battery that helps in heating a liquid in order to create an aerosol that will be inhaled – it’s supposed to replace the cigarette smoke. It’s the liquid that contains nicotine and that can have different flavors.

More than 1 in 10 adults tried an e-cigarette and stayed with it, replacing the traditional cigarettes.

Between 2009 and 2016, there were more than 195 separate e-cigarettes explosions, according to some reports. Just last May, another man was killed in Florina, after his e-cigarette exploded and a piece of the device got into his head.


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