Life May Have Appeared After Earth Clashed with Another Planet

The origin of life has been debated by researchers and philosophers alike but no one was able to provide a definite answer.

A new paper proposes a wild theory that has already sparked heated debates in the scientific community. According to the paper an impact between Earth and another planet which took place more than four billion years ago may have provided the perfect conditions for the appearance of life.

The study notes that rocky planets similar to Earth have a higher change to gain the building blocks needed for life if they are affected by a large numbers of collisions with other objects, including planets that possess different building blocks.

This theory could also provide the answer to a question that has puzzled scientist from decades: how carbon and nitrogen appeared on Earth in the context of a solar system that seems to lack these valuable gases?

In order to assemble their study the researchers conducted a series of experiments. They used advanced computer simulations in order to observe what would happen if two planets clashed. The results lead them to believe that this scenario is viable since the result of such a powerful collision may have generated the required gases.

Some researchers believe that a part of what was once the moon during the early stages of formation may have brought the blocks of life to Earth. The results of the latest experiments seem to point them in a different direction while also changing our understanding of life and how the first living organisms appeared.

The paper notes that valuable chemicals needed in order to provide the spark of life can arrive on the surface of a planet if they are transported by objects that formed in different genesis zones.

While the theory seems to be viable more research is needed in order to confirm the validity of the arguments. The study has been recently published in a peer-reviewed journal.

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