LG’s Future Smartphone to Come With a Second Screen

This year the big smartphone companies are going to impress us with their new devices and tech. We’ll expect to see the foldable phone from Samsung, the next generation of iPhones and Huawei, OnePlus and others to also bring new features to the table like flexible screens or better software.

But when everyone is thinking “foldable phone,” LG says “modular.” They want to make the next smartphone with two screens. The secondary screen should connect to the device and double the screen size. According to a source close to LG’s project, this second screen will look like a case.

WIll LG Launch a Modular G8 ThinQ, or Is It a New Line?

Expect to see this modular phone next month at the Mobile World Congress trade show, along with others, added the source. The company is working on the G8 line, but it’s not clear if the dual screen phone will carry the name. We might expect the G8 ThinQ to be more conventional and the dual-screen one comes with a new name, but as we said nothing had been decided so far.

LG could use a different approach to new features in the smartphone area, and the foldable option is not one of them. Considering that LG is in a competitive smartphone field, LG should make a splash this year so that they can stay afloat and not be caught between Chinese budget phones and the high-end Apple, Huawei and Samsung smartphones.

LG does have decent current smartphones – the LG G7 ThinQ and LG V40 ThinQ, but there are many alternatives out there, and the two often get overlooked.

However, LG could steal the show with their new smartphone considering that Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S10 before MWC. Nonetheless, other companies might show up with the 5G feature, which is something everyone wants this year.

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