LG G8 Latest Rumors: What Do We Know So Far?

2019 is known for the number of flagships that will come during its months, and LG G8 is one of them. However, we still have to wait until the official release and along with this affirmation comes the questions: is this phone worth waiting for?

You can find similar features in most high-end phones available on the market. This gives customers the option of multiple phones to choose from that have the same price limit. The LG G8 is a flagship promised by the company making it.

Smartphone lovers who are on a budget might also keep their eye on the LG v40 and the Google Pixel 3 XL. However, who is not curious to see how the LG G8 will be like as the company is planning to launch it?

Phones are changing year by year from notch-less screens to big displays and from triple camera set-ups to punched screens.

Some other upcoming launches include the Samsung Galaxy S10 which will be available in three or two months, the One Plus 7 and the Apple 11 which are also coming this year. Even the  Google Pixel 4 might make an appearance.

LG G8 Rumors

Now, to make you even more excited about this phone, we should inform you about what we know already. LG is working on the G8, and the features that it will be equipped with will be amazing. It will have a notch camera display and a 4k screen. It might even introduce 3D cameras along with its launch in either April or March.

Unfortunately for the leaks, we have seen, the LG G8 can’t be compared with the Samsung S10 as its features can’t be surpassed.

According to @UniverseIce, the display will be with no bezels, and the fingerprint will be mounted in the display.

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