KUWTH: Kanye Finally Gets More Interview Confessions in the 16th Season

Sixteen seasons of KUPTK, and they still try to get content for people to keep watching. This family has spent more than a decade to show every aspect of their lives for their viewers, so it’s quite surprising that they will manage to shock some people.

The new surprise of this season is Kanye West, who finally agreed to do confessional interviews. Fans remember that when Kim married the rapper, he decided to distance himself from this empire. However, it seems that Kanye is now part of the main cast.

We think this is a smart decision. Every episode is a chance for a group of popular people to make themselves appear in the news. And we all know that Kanye West is in need of some damage control. He only appears in interviews together with Kim, as a couple.

in this season, one of the stories is about Kanye’s lack of support for Donda’s House, which is a nonprofit organization co-founded by Kanye. In order to visit the house, Kanye has to get in contact with Rhymefest. However, Kim got into an argument last year, when the rapper accused West of neglecting the organization.

What has Kanye to say about this?

The viewers probably want to find out more about the Khloé-Tristan-Jordyn situation. However, they will get Kim and Kanye talking about the feud. Kim insists that Rhymefest was wrong to call out Kanye, saying he did not take responsibility for the nonprofit when Kanye was in debt.

Kanye, however, doesn’t seem to care too much about this. He said that his inspiration was The Incredibles, movie that begins with interviews in which a wife with a big butt appears. He stated that their lives seem to become more like The Incredibles. About the Rhymefest situation, he said that he was not pissed, because he was not rational, he was spiritual, and spirit is love.

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