Keep your DJI Inspire 2 Safe with a Parachute System

The DJI Inspire 2 is one of the best drones that are currently available on the market.  It is the perfect device for those that want to capture impressive images with a quality that rivals the one of professional cameras.

At a starting price of $2999 for the base unit, it is likely that prospective owners would like to take extra precautions in order to keep their device safe. A company from Anchorage has released a special parachute system that will allow your device to land safely in the case of an emergency.

Indemnis is a specialized company that offers safety solutions for the owners of commercially available drones and other UAV devices.

The Nexus parachute

According to a source the system was developed in order to prevent unwanted accidents, for example stopping the drone from crashing into a crowd. The Nexus is the first system that has been able to satisfy the international safety standard. This means that a drone fitted with the system will be allowed to fly over crowds of people, without breaching the FAA rules.

The device itself looks like a small canister that can be easily attached to the drone. As the drone flies around the device will continuously monitor a variety of factors including the angle, tilt, stability or falling speed of the drone. If something is wrong a small parachute will be automatically deployed. Those that fear any potential damage will be happy to know that the parachute has been optimized to avoid any parts of the drone during the deployment process.

The system is already available on the market. If the product will be successful the manufacturer will release modules compatible with other devices. It seems that a version compatible with the Matrice 200 and 600 series models is already in development.  It should be released before the year ends.

Those that wish to acquire the system are invited to visit the official Indemnis website.

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