Justin Trudeau Would Not Decriminalize Amid Opioid Crisis Increase

Donna May has recently said that she will not tolerate a simple nod from politicians, when it comes to the opioid epidemic. She said that opioids had claimed too many lives of people she loves. She wants actions, not words. She wants drug decriminalization, and she’s not alone in this war. It seems that the death of her brother, who was 55 years old, broke her emotionally, and now she wants people to take action.

Why is this so important to Donna May?

She said that they have the ability to stop these deaths, but that people are not doing anything on this matter. The death of her brother came right after the lost her daughter. She had spent many years supporting with mumsDU – “moms united and mandated to saving the lives of Drug Users”, after her daughter died in 2012. She was 34 years old. Her name was Jacey, and she had three kids. In time, the developed a fentanyl addiction. She was introduced to opioids after a prescription, after she fell down a flight of stairs right onto a concrete basement floor.

She died seven years ago, and nothing has changed. May said that she was afraid that, unless they do something, that’s actually effective and immediate, they will see a huge increase in the overdose crisis. She also stated that the crisis is growing very fast across Canada.

The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to support decriminalization, even though he’s pressured by the Liberal party members. Last April, the Liberal rank filed a biding resolution on decriminalizing the possession and consumption of the illicit drugs. Trudeau simply ignored the idea. He said that this particular issue is simply not part of their plans.


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