Johnny Bobbitt Caught After Skipping Court Date

We’ve all heard of Johnny Bobbitt, the homeless man who was linked to the GoFundMe scam. He was finally caught after skipping the court date.

The man was accused of conspiring with a New Jersey couple in order to cheat all the GoFundMe donors of the campaign, out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He was finally arrested on Wednesday after he failed to show at his court date, on Tuesday. The police from Philadelphia said that Bobbitt was taken into custody on Wednesday morning.

What has happened?

Bobbitt was supposed to appear in Burlington County, New Jersey for its courtroom, for a hearing about him violating the conditions of his bail. The judge was Mark Tarantino issued a bench warrant for Bobbitt’s arrest after he had failed to appear.

The man was released on bail last month, after Tarantino put a number of conditions, like wearing an electronic monitoring device, looking for a job and attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings for three times each week.

On Tuesday, we found that that Bobbitt did not get into contact with the court officers since the 17th of December and that he may also be using drugs. A diversionary drug court accepted a hearing for Bobbitt for later this month.

The story behind all of this

The attorneys say that Bobbitt, who’s 35, conspired with Katelyn McClure, and her boyfriend Mark D’Amico, to make up a story about Bobbitt giving the couple his last $20 for gas. Then, together they raised $400,000, which were after spent on luxury items and casino trips. The three of them have been charged with theft by deception and conspiration.

The site GoFundMe refunded everyone who gave money for this campaign.


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