Jeep Works On A New Seven-Seater Jeep SUV

It has been known for a while that a new Jeep SUV is in development and more information is now available after an interview offered by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO. The CEO discussed the development process for the new Jeep’s “secret” SUV and the possibility to add a more midsize in the lineup at some point.

The upcoming Jeep SUV will offer seven seats, adding two extra seats in comparison to the Grand Cherokee. The highly-debated Wagoneer will provide more seats, but the unnamed “secret SUV” from Jeep will use a triple seat setup which makes it competitive against other mid-tier SUV vehicles among which we can count the Ford Explorer, Acura MDX, and Chevy Traverse.

The company also plans to expand its US plants. A fresh batch of investments has been announced, with the aim to improve the performance of the plants and offer a diversified range of vehicles.

Jeep Works On A New Seven-Seater Jeep SUV

The SUV segment is significant since competition is relatively small and Jeep has the potential to sell well. The three-row segment is tempting for the company, and the release of a new Jeep will give them the chance to take a piece of the pie with minimal risks.

The SUV or sport-utility vehicle has remained popular among many car owners. An SUV offers a useful blend between a classic car and an all-terrain vehicle, with some compromises. The heightened ground clearance and four-wheel drive are the main advantages. Some SUV models are also able to tow, which makes them as useful as a pickup truck while the passenger capacity is considerably bigger, usually offering a minimum of five seats.

The vehicles are boycotted in some countries since they consume a large amount of fuel and many ONGs are against them, advising people to buy regular cars. When many people think of a Jeep, they envision the Grand Cherokee, which has been the favorite model in recent years. The upcoming Jeep SUV should be quite popular, but that remains to be seen.

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