Is This Our Apocalyptic Future? Dead Planet Shows Earth’s Fate

There’s a new study that may have shown a window into Earth’s fate, by taking a look at a new-discovered dying planet, that’s placed almost 400 light years away.

The planet could be able to destroy an asteroid

The study was published in the journal Science, and it shows that the dead planet, that’s also known as “planetesimal” is made out of a metal core and is orbiting the white star, that’s known as SDSS. It orbits it every 2 hours. The gravity of the dwarf planet is so strong (about 100,000 times of Earth’s). Due to this fact, a typical asteroid will be literally torn apart by the gravitational forces if it goes too close to the dwarf star.

One of the leaders of the study said that the star, originally, would have been about two solar masses, but the dwarf star is about 70% of the mass of the Sun. It’s a very small one, the thing that makes it an extremely dense star.

This shows what could happen to Earth

The planetesimal is placed 410 light-years away from Earth, and it gives some hints about the planets that reside in many other solar systems. It also shows what could happen to Earth.

This planet was found by using the Gran Telescopio Canarias in La Palma. It has not died completely, due to the fact that is has a metal core. If it had pure iron, its chances would have been bigger where it is placed now, however, that’s not the case. It could have been a body full of iron, but that has the internal strength to just keep it all together, which might have worked given the massive fragment of a planet core.

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