Is Captain Marvel 2 Being Made Right Now?

Fans are really excited to see phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe about to come to an end. Everyone is thinking about the surviving heroes and their plans against Thanos, but let’s not forget that Captain Marvel will come out soon.

The movie will be directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, and it will have Brie Larson has the central character. The original Avengers will end after Endgame, as their contract does, too, so Marvel is now expected to focus on their new movies: Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

It’s most likely that Captain Marvel 2 will be released during Phase Four. That’s when Carol Danvers will actually be allowed to play with the big names of the shared universe Brie Larson is prepared for this. She said that he was her dream – to have a sequel to Ms. Marvel. That’s a goal for her that’s going to become real. She’s an Oscar-winning actress, and she still has many questions about the future crossovers. She also stated that she wants Ms. Marvel to get a role in Captain Marvel 2. Many people would like to see Kamala Kahn, not only she, so we’re with her on this one.

Ms. Marvel and why should she get our attention?

For those of you who had lived under a rock, Kalama Kahn is the first character that’s Muslim in the Marvel universe, who also has her own comic book. She can shapeshift, just like the enemy of Captain Marvel – Skrulls and she can also heal herself. Brie Larson wants to Ms. Marvel to appear in Captain Marvel 2, and she has a point.

For Captain Marvel 2, the team behind the game will have to work a bit on the visual effects, since there will be new challenges.


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