iOS 12.1.3 Public Beta 3: New Changes and Fixes

After waiting that much for the release of iOS 12.1.3 Public Beta 3, 2019 finally came and brought it along as the holidays are now over. It is actually more than three days since it was released, but there is such a little difference between the Public Beta 3 and its predecessor that many users did not notice the change.

One thing that iOS 12.1.3 Public Beta 2 did is that it re-enabled automatic updates in phones that had that setting disabled in 12.1.3 Public Beta 1. If this news comes as a surprise to you too, and you were not expecting another beta version, then it means that it is time for you to check that when you downloaded the latest beta a month ago, your setting was not enabled.

What is Fixed

IOS 12.1.3 is considered a minor release which means that its track could not be more predictable. When iOS 12.1.3 Public Beta 2 was released, it brought users an accessibility fix for using VoiceOver with ECG and an audio fix for iPad and now for the Beta 3 it does not look like something else was added.

What is Broken

Even though this is a minor release, this break is as unusual as it is surprising. However, it is not so severe, so it went undetected by most users.

What is Next

Due to the fact that Apple decided to take a break during the holidays, we should not get the iOS 12.1.3 until next week followed by the iOS 12.1.4 Public Beta 1. As it does not come with too many changes or at least a few significant ones, we are not expecting a fourth beta to be released. At least not without some raised eyebrows.

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