In 2018 Smartphones were Winners and Losers, but let’s see what Happens in 2019

Everybody agrees that 2018 has been a great year for some phone companies and a failure for others. It’s no surprise that bestseller’s charts were led by high-class competitors like Apple, Samsung or Goole. These ”actors” released some high end devices like Galaxy S9, Pixel 3 and iPhone XR.

Next to these wonders of technique, people really appreciated some mid or lower-range smartphones. Oppo, Nivo, Nokia, Motorola were just a few brands which combined budget-friendly prices with modern features.

Regardless of the manufacturing company or price, handsets impressed their users with speed, power and cool hardware and software parts. Since everybody uses the phone as camera nowadays, developers created mobiles that can take amazing photos or record in HD.

Winning bets dominated the market, but some devices disappointed their users

According to public reviews and reports presented by mobile experts, Samsung remains the world’s largest and most successful phone maker. On the other hand, it looks like 2018 was a very profitable year for Apple – the company won $1 trillion. This number could be influenced by their latest devices’ high prices, but it still remains a dazzling count.

Each device impresses by a certain feature, but there are a few that make amazing overall handsets. If we were to make a list with the best phones based on different categories, we will mention the following:

  • Google Pixel 3 makes the best photos;
  • iPhone XR is the best value ever introduces by an iPhone;
  • Galaxy Note 9 is the best choice for users who like powerful smartphones;
  • OnePlus 6T combines a good price with outstanding features;
  • Moto G6 is the best budget-friendly phone from the market;
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro has an impressive design and Huawei P20 Pro has the most innovative addition – a triple rear camera system.

All of the above are impressive mentions, but 2019 will bring the future at the tip of our fingers. We will see smartphones with edge-to-edge design, wireless charging, waterproof features and many more.

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