Huawei Says It Will Rule Over the Smartphone Market in 2019: 5G, Folding Phones and a Powerful Chipset

During a press conference and the reveal of ‘world’s most powerful’ 5G modem on Thursday, Huawei Technologies stated that they could become the biggest-selling smartphone vendors in the world this year, even if it does not get on the U.S. market. Looking at their sales in 2018, they could be right, but the forecast from Huawei is very different from its rivals’ analysis – Samsung, Apple, and other leading companies.

According to Reuters, sales in China got slower and the demand kept dropping, while economic growth is at a low pace compared to three decades ago.

The US and their allies have restricted Huawei from accessing the market, claiming that these products might be used for espionage, although Huawei said that this claim was unfounded.

“We will be number one in the world”

Recently, the Huawei’s chief financial officer and daughter of the firm’s founder was arrested in Canada for violating U.S. sanctions. However, Huawei denied these accusations. At the news conference in Beijing, the firm’s consumer division chief Richard Yu stated the following:

Our customers have trust and confidence in us. It’s only politics guys which are trying to put pressure on us.

Last year, Huawei had an excess of $52 billion revenue, which is a 50% jump, and they said that they would try to keep the momentum and launch the foldable smartphone with the fifth-generation (5G) chipset next month. Yu added that this year or the next year, they will place first on the tech market:

Even without the U.S. market we will be number one in the world. I believe at the earliest this year, and next year at the latest.

Last year global smartphone shipments fell 3%, but this year it might see a boost with the 5G mobile network technology.

As for the foldable phone, Yu stated that we would see it launched at the Mobile World Congress, with sales that could begin as early as April. This smartphone will come with a Balong 5000 chipset that will rival Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50. It will also be used in vehicles, as it’s the most powerful 5G modem in the world and it can support different 5G architectures from other countries.

Huawei has also won 30 5G contracts after introducing Tiangang, the 5G base station chipset. Ryan Ding, the carrier business chief stated that they have contracts in Europe (18), in the Middle East (9), and the Asia-Pacific region (3).

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