Huawei Faked Their Smartphone Photos Again

It seems that Huawei does not want to learn its lesson, even after it got caught with the fake smartphone photos in ads for multiple times. The latest teaser from the company, for the soon-to-hit-the-market P30 Pro smartphone, shows some sample photos. However, the photos are not what they seem.

It all started in 2016 when Huawei…

You might remember that Huawei tried to make a Canon 5D photo as one of their own in 2016, and then in a 2018 commercial, a DSLR shot as a Nova 3 selfie. The company said that the photo was taken while they filmed the Huawei P9 advert and that they shared it to inspire the entire community. Then, they said that they should have made things clearer when it came to that image. The company said that it was never their intention to mislead the public. Then, they apologized and removed the image.

In 2019, their P30 Pro announcement photos are fake

This month, Huawei uploaded some teasers to their social media account in order to promote the March 26 P30 Pro announcement. The details in these photos are impeccable. The P30 might have as a feature a powerful periscope zoom camera. However, some people did some digging and found that the volcano photo was actually made by photographer Tom Pfeiffer in 2009. It’s also available of Getty Images, which is the site where Huawei licensed it for their ad.

After Huawei got called out, they updated their ads, and came with a disclaimer in a corner, saying that the ads are creative and only meant for reference. They then released a statement, saying that it’s all a misunderstanding, and not an attempt to trick their audience.

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