How to read WhatsApp Messages without Triggering the Blue Tick

With more than 1, 5 billion users active each month WhatsApp has managed to remain the most popular messaging app for smartphone devices.   One of the keys that contributed to its success is the constant release of new updates that add useful features.

As with all things, some of these features may have downsides. For many users of the app the blue ticks that appear when a message was read can lead to some socials issues.

A friend or a relative sent us a message. We want to read the message but we don’t have enough time in order to answer. The one that sent the message is likely to believe that you are actively ignoring him since you are unable to tell him that you cannot answer right now.

Below you can find some tips that will allow you to read those messages without activating the blue ticks system. This will allow you to answer to the message later, when you are able to write a proper answer or address a question that requires detailed information.

  1. Disable your data connection before the message is opened

After a message is received the app will wait until you read it. When a notification is visible disable the active internet connection. Tap on the notification in order to read the message. Close the app when you are finished and activate the internet connection. The sender will be unable to tell if the message has been read.

  1. Pull the notification

If you don’t want to use the previous method you can also pull down the notification panel in order to read the message. Swipe it away when you are done.

  1. Disable Read Receipts

While this solution may seem to be convenient there are some drawbacks. You can go to Settings/Privacy and disable Read Receipts in a few seconds. Do keep in mind in this case the sender will always believe that each of their messages is unseen.

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