How Can You Improve VPN Connection Speed?

It gets really frustrating to use a VPN and see that the connection speed is slow. Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can use to improve that speed.

Most of the best VPN providers will also let you watch Netflix and other apps or web pages that have geolocation restrictions.

Whether you use a VPN service to have your online privacy intact, for security, or to bypass geographical restrictions, we all know that the internet connection speed is vital and it is annoying to see it getting slower and slower. Let’s see what causes this issue and how you can improve it on your own.

Choose the Best Server

When you connect to the VPN service, choose the server that is closer to the country you live – if you live in France and want to connect to a US server, there will be a lot of lag which you won’t like if you play online.

Configure the VPN to All Devices

You might be inclined to configure the VPN to the router, but it is going to slow the speed. It is best you configure it on each device to get the most of the speed.

Use Both UDP and TCP

Use the two protocols to get a fast internet connection.

What Should Be Secured?

Decide what you want to be encrypted – the more things you send to be encrypted, the slower your connection will be. If you want to sacrifice some security for speed, try this out.

How Much Internet Speed Do you Have?

You cannot make things go faster if your contract with the internet provider has limited speed and the same goes with the VPN provider. You can choose to pay more for a faster internet connection or use a more expensive VPN that offers greater speed.

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