How Bad Is Diet Soda for You?

According to some sources, if you choose diet soda to reduce the intake of the calories might not be such a good deal for your health. Scientist have shown that the health risk is about 23% higher for women. If you consume high amounts of beverages that were artificially sweetened, then the risk of a stroke will increase.

Diet sodas to increase the risk of a stroke

Sylvia Wassertheil Smoller was the one to analyze the data of about 81.000 women with ages from, 50 and above. After this, they compared the two, and then they found out that those who drank diet soda or even sweet beverages every day and those who drank one diet soda once a week, if at all, we’re quite different.

Women who drank sweetened beverages had a 23% risk of stroke. 31% for ischemic stoke let’s not even mention that the stroke caused by a clot in obese people is even double. Also, the risk for African-American women is higher – by four times. The study has shown that 29% of the diet drinks consumers are 29% more likely to get heart disease, and 16% likely to die from it.

At this study, postmenopausal women from the US and, the self-reported consuming of ASBs were demonstrated to have an increased risk of ischemic stroke and death.

Cause and effect with diet soda

According to the study, there is no cause-effect relationship here. However, if consumers care about their health, they will need to reduce the intake of artificially sweetened drinks. We know that the actual risks don’t look that high, but better safe than sorry, right?

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