Harsh Parenting Can Traumatize Children, Which Can Reflect In Their Teen Years

According to a group of researchers at the University of Montreal and CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center, when parents discipline their children by spanking them, shaking them, or getting angry and yelling at them, the children suffer from that trauma, and that can be seen later when they become teenagers. A new study revealed everything about that.

What are the effects of these harsh parenting methods?

The behavior of a teenager that has been the victim of harsh parenting is nothing, but proof that this method of raising children does no good to them. According to the study, published in Biological Psychology and led by an UdeM doctoral student, the way fear is processed by their brains changes.

According to Valérie La Buissonnière-Ariza, the first author who researched for her Ph.D. thesis in psychology at UdeM, a child suffers both socially and psychologically from that harsh parenting, and that is a fact already known by most people around the world even though they are not parents.

What did the study look at?

According to a postdoctoral researcher at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, La Buissonnière-Ariza, only children who suffered from the worst cases of harsh parenting, either being neglected or abused and then taken away from their guardians were studied until now.

He said that they wanted to analyze what the less severe forms of adversity could do to them. Such practices include shaking the child by taking them by the arms, slapping their bottom or hand and yelling at them. This kind of harsh parenting is quite accepted and familiar. When it comes to processing anxiety or fear, the experts concluded that these kinds of harsh parenting made their now teenagers reach different, and that shows in their behavior. Unfortunately, what parents see as a discipline can leave their children traumatized.

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