GTA Online 2018 Festive Calendar: What Do You Get for Christmas?

GTA Online is now getting all kinds of themed events, with Christmas, of course. Those players who log in have a chance to get to access to new modes, freebies and discounts. If you log in, you might also get the so-called Vapid Clique car, that has found its inspiration from the 50s Americana cars.

We’ve written this article to tell you what are the giveaways for each passing day in GTA Online.

What do you get for Christmas?

Besides the Vapid Clique car, you will also get Christmas Day gifts, including the Up-n-Atomizer Pistol, Slasher Festive Sweater, Liveries for Chernobog and just enough explosive to start a fight. If you play this card every week, you’ll get new holiday gifts.

On the 26th of December, you’ll get Festive Liveries and Blue Bleeder Festive Sweater.

On the 27th of December, you’ll get Festive Liveries for HVY Barrage and Green Slaying Festive Sweater

On the 28th of December, you’ll get Festive Liveries for the APC, Hail Santa Festive Sweater and Free Nagasaki Buzzard

On the 29th of December, you’ll get Festive Liveries for Buckingham Akula and Blue Cluckin’ Festive Sweater

On the 30th of December, you’ll get Festive Liveries for Comet Safari and Merry Sprunkmas Festive Sweater

On the 31st of December, you’ll get a New Year’s Eve Gift, Festive Liveries for the Pegassi Oppressor and), free HVY Insurgent Pick-Up.

Until the 7th of January, you can boost up your organization’s profits with up to 50% off at Hangars, 35% off at Bunkers and 35% off at Mobile Operation Centers.

For players, there’s also a brand new Bomb Ball mode for the Arena War, which was recently released. It was inspired by soccer – as Americans actually call it – and it stands in the gigantic explosives that take place in the other team’s half of the field.

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