Google’s Cloud Platform to Work with Third-Party Clouds like AWS and Azure

The Cloud Services Platform from Google that deals with hybrid clouds that span on-premise data centers is officially out of the beta mode. Google also wants to change its name to Anthos. They also announced that Anthos would also run third-party clouds, such as Azure and AWS.

Why is this happening?

One of Google’s insiders said that Anthos would support these third-party clouds so clients can get one way to manage their apps and this way would work on the other clouds, too.

Why is this thing so important?

When it comes to Anthos, Google will come up with a single managed service that will actually allow you to organize your apps across numerous clouds, without having to think about the APIs or the different environments. This is a huge deal, one that differentiates Google from all the other competitors. So basically it will be Google managing all of your apps for you on Azure and AWS.

You can make the most out of one approach across all the environments. This is a very big change in this industry. It is what makes these three clouds look the same, rather than different in all the small ways.

The entire thing is hardware agnostic

This Google Cloud Services Platform, named now Anthos is based on the Google Kubernetes Engine, and on other open-source projects, such as Istio service mesh. It is also worth mentioning that it is hardware agnostic. This actually means that users can take their hardware and run it, without having to invest immediately in new servers.

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