Google Play Store 13.5.18 – Download The Latest APK Version

The Google Play Store is one of the most important app for Android users, as it allows them to download all the other apps and games on their device. Therefore, Google has to make sure that the Play Store works properly at all times. Constant updates are released in order to enhance performance and solve all discovered issue.

A new update was released recently for the Google Play Store, and it made the app reach version 13.5.18. If you are an Android user it is very important that you update the Play Store as soon as an update comes out, in order to make sure that the app works properly.

Google Play Store version 13.5.18 – What does the update bring

The new version comes with several enhancements for the user interface. Various design elements and transition animations receive improvements. There are also bug fixes that solve all the known issues of the app.

There are also some changes when it comes to the Editors Choice section. There you can find games and apps that are recommended directly by Google. Google Play Store version 12.5.18 comes with some improvements for that as well, and it allows users to see all the details for an app, which makes it easier for them to decide whether they want to download it.

Google Play Store has also improved the way personalized recommendations work. Users will receive recommendations based on their activity and preferences, which makes it easier for them to discover new apps and games.

This new Google Play Store version also makes the Google Play Instant feature stable to use. Ever since this function was introduced, it constantly received improvements and changes. It appears that version 13.5.19 brought one of the most important updates for it.

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