Google Chrome’s to Release Its Ad-Blocking Feature All Around the Globe in July

Google started to fight against bad ads on the internet, by joining the Coalition for Better Ads. They block all the disruptive promos for the Chrome browser in Europe and North America. Today, the team behind the browser announced that the ad-blocking feature would come to be available for Chrome around the globe, starting with the 9th of July. The announcement comes from the release of the Collation, and they’re applying the standard ads to run, beyond Europe and North America.

There are 12 types of ads, that are intrusive to users, like pop-up ads, auto-play videos with sound and very large sticky ads.

The company comes with a new announcement

From Last November, the team behind Google said that they would block all the ads on the website, that are categorized as being abusive ad experiences, if the admins of the site fail to take measure against the ads within 30 days from reporting. The company wants to expand this program worldwide, and they’ve come with a new announcement.

Admins can now check a special report page, that describes the nature of the abusive ads, and can fix them in order to ensure the best user experience on their sites.

The senior director of product from Chome, who’s named Ben Galbraith, said that some tests happen for Europe and North America and that they’ve come with the best improvements for web experiences.

From the 1st of January, 2019, two-thirds of all the publishers that did not take part in the Better Ads Standards are now going to. Moreover, millions of sites that they’ve reviewed until now, less than 1% have their ads filtered.

We hope that this will encourage marketers to become part of the Coalition’s ad standards.



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