Google App 9.5.5 APK Available to Download with Latest Features

Thanks to Google we are always one click away from finding what we are really looking for. It has a user-friendly interface, and even a 5-year-old can figure out how it works. The Google Search App is a vital part of the ecosystem of Google, so a lot from its popularity comes from the people who use it. Google App is constantly getting updates and bug fixes just any other app, and now it is time for you to get the  Google Search App v9.5.5 through an APK update.

What are the features that this update comes with? Is it worth getting?

Use voice command even though the navigation is on

The update offers users the possibility to use voice commands while their Google Maps app is open and they are using it to navigate. The device being online is not mandatory. You can ask it when your next turn is, what is your ETA or you can even cancel the trip.

Weak connections fixed

The issues of a weak connection have finally been addressed by Google in this APK update. Sometimes when you are offline, or your connection is weak, your search queries fail. However, now, when you get to a better connection, you will instantly see the results back up.

The Troubleshoot connectivity issues are being addressed by the Google 9.5.5 APK update as it uses its more crucial errors cards. It would usually become a problem for the results to show when the network is offline, or it experiences issues.

Customization introduced

You can now choose how your daily Google feeds look like by customizing them brick by brick thanks to Google 9.5.5 APK update coming with a whole host of customization that you can use to manage cards in Google Feeds.

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