Friendly Enemies Boeing and SpaceX work together on satellite launch

Industry heavy-hitter Boeing is teaming up with up-and-coming SpaceX for a satellite launch. This is contrary to their usual rivalry when it comes to competing on future projects for the Moon and Mars.

A Falcon 9 rocket that contained Boeing tech launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida last Tuesday. Marking the collaboration of the two companies in a show of friendship. A Boeing built satellite was strapped to the Falcon 9.

The craft was commissioned by SpaceCom, an Israeli company that is being sponsored by the giant company.

Friendly enemies

In the spirit of friendly competition or ultimate confidence, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg declared that his company will beat out SpaceX on reaching Mars first. The Boeing CEO said that he is extremely confident that a Boeing rocket will take the first-ever person to Mars. Elon Musk simply replied: “ Do it. “ on Twitter. How very Nike of him.

The current atmosphere between the two companies could probably be described as a reverse cold war. Where the two participants know they need to beat each other but work together in the meantime. This is necessary due to the fact that Boeing makes satellites and SpaceX is winning big on ferrying them with their economical, efficient rockets.

Who will win?

Boeing CEO said that this friendly competition is driving his company to work even harder so that they can win the big one in the future. The space race is back on but this time it is mostly between companies.

Countries like the US have outlined their desire to go to the Moon and Mars very soon but there is room enough for everybody. Who is going to get paid to make the tech happen, that’s the main story here.

Elon Musk is hoping for the first cargo mission to Mars to be awarded to SpaceX in 2022. This will take place two years before a manned mission.

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