Four Males Accused of Planning to Bomb Muslim Community Were Arrested

Three men and a teen were recently arrested and charged with plotting to attack a Muslim community. It’s been said that Brian Colaneri, Andrew Crysel, Vincent Vetromile, and a unidentified 16-year-old male have been making homemade bombs, too.

All of them are from Rochester, New York, and have been charged with three felony counts of possession of a weapon and one felony count of conspiracy.

How did it all start?

The investigation began on Friday after a student heard the 16-year-old guy showing a photo of another student, saying that “he looks like the next school shooter.” The student went to the school security and they went to interview the students that were involved in the conversation. They also notified Greece Police, that later asked the help of New York State Police and federal law enforcement from the nearby towns.

After a further investigation, and after executing several search warrants, the police found some firearms and three explosive devices that were associated with the four men. Right now, the devices are analyzed by the FBI.

What does the police say about this?

The police do not want to give any details right now about the alleged plot against Islamberg, but we found out that they’ve been working at the plot for about a month. Three of those four knew each other after they participate in Boy Scouts.

The Muslims of America, which is an organization that’s affiliated with the Islamberg community did not comment on this matter, not even after CNN requested it. Islamberg is a community of hundreds of Muslim Americans that are placed at a three-hour drive of New York.

The investigation is on-going, as they still need to analyze many phones and computers that they got during their search.

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