Fortnite Revenue to Drop by About 48% in January

Fortnite is still one of the most amazing games out there, and it had set a record when it came to the player count this month. However, there’s one recent statistic that says otherwise.

The Superdata reports say that Fortnite saw a drop of about 48% in January after they had a record revenue in December. We’re not talking about the Apex Legends release, because that didn’t happen until early February.

December is not exactly the month for Fortnite

We’re not sure what happened, but we know that December was not exactly a month that Fortnite could make the most out of. They did offer gifts and many various bundles for a holiday, however, they were the digital, thing that doesn’t really align with the holidays.

Also, the new battle pass for season 7 happened in December, and not January, so that might make sense. There weren’t many must-have skins in January, and most players weren’t obsessed with the Ice Storm event that took place still in January – it was kind of a re-skin of the Halloween event that happened just some months earlier, in October.

February may still be a bit different because Fortnite set some records with its Marshmello concert – 10 million, and its regular concurrent records – 7 million. This showed that the player base is still there. It’s worth mentioning that the second record took place after the release of Apex. Last month something happened, that made them offer the season 7 battle pass for free, and the players to have many easy challenges in the game. When that happened, players got more excited about the game, when they tried to unlock all of the items for free, and they were also tempted to buy items from the store. Players of Fortnite that got a battle pass also may end up buying boosts for the tier, to be sure of the fact that they will get 1—tier, in case they cannot grind it by hand.

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