Fortnite Latest Leaks: Ice Storm Event and Weeks 7 and 8

On 15 January data miners gained access to the new files in Fortnite and began leaking the content. If you would rather want to avoid spoilers, then stop reading this article and stay away from Twitter!

But if you’re wondering that weeks 7 and 8 have in store for you or what you’ll see in the Ice Storm Event, check these images and details below.

Fortnite Battle Royale Incoming Update

The last update from Fortnite Battle Royale was v7.20 when the game got major changes, the new highly discussed ‘Scoped Revolver’ and the Glider Redeploy system.

But data miner @lucas7yoshi_ wanted to know what’s next, so he got to work and here is how we get to see the loading screens of the Week 7 and 8 Snowfall event.

The following two loading screens will be released with the Season 7 Snowfall challenges and focus on the Ice King – Season’s 7 tier 100 Battle Pass skin.

In the loading screen above, which is for week 7 you can see a mysterious character on his throne in Polar Peak, and it doesn’t show a friendly vibe at all.

The new event will reportedly come with “Ice Legion” and some objectives that players must reach.

If this loading screen isn’t enough, then check out the next one which shows that the Ice King really comes with evil intentions!

The Ice King is seen looking over the Fortnite map, and he has something like a ball of ice or energy, ready to hit the map.

The season 8 will begin in February, so the weeks 7 and 8 in season 7 should conclude the story. What we surely know is that the Ice King doesn’t come with good intentions!

While we wait for the event to begin, we can check out the latest update which is live on all platforms – Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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