Flood Support Centres Will Close, Volunteers Won’t Be Needed Anymore Until Further Notice

The emergency measures that were put in place in order to deal with the spring’s major flooding are actually being sent away, due to the water level that has peaked, and have started to drop in the most areas.

On Friday afternoon, a news conference took place, and Pierre Poirier, who is the city’s head of emergency management, said that volunteers would not be needed this weekend, but that they will probably be called back in the next few weeks.

Poirier has also said that the city will probably close its community support centers at the Pinecrest Recreation Complex and the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, starting at 7 p.m on Friday.

The location is at west Ottawa, at the Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Centre, and it will remain open. It will provide people with shower facilities and water, according to Poirier.

Officials warn people not to go and see what is happening

Poirier has also warned residents not to go and sight-see the flooded areas, because they need the roads to be clear in case emergency crews and city vehicles are needed.

What is the situation in various places?

The morning update from The City of Gatineau stated that the water levels had dropped across the city with 10 cm in the last 24 hours.

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board, that controls and monitors the river have said that the water levels have peaked from various areas, including Ottawa-Gatineau.

Pembroke has also dropped since last Sunday, however, the highest water levels seen this spring could be coming back next week. East of Pembroke, there’s Lac Coulonge, where the water level got high – 109.10 meters above sea level – and it could rise up again in the next few days.


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