Final Fantasy VII for Xbox One: We Finally Have a Release Date!

We have heard last month that Final Fantasy VII would come to Nintendo Switch, so we have been asking ourselves if we would also get an Xbox One release date, since the announcement only talked about Nintendo. We cannot wait to meet again with the iconic characters and the amazing world – Final Fantasy VII might be the best game from the entire series, and people do not really want to deny that.

So when is the release date of Final Fantasy VII for Xbox One?

Microsoft also confirmed that the game will come to its platform. Xbox One players will deal with Sephiroth again, on the 26th of March, 2019. It’s the exact same date when the Switch version is getting launched, so it is really not surprising. Pre-orders happen now for the title on Xbox One, and they cost $15.99.

When will Final Fantasy VII remake happen?

We know it is all exciting, but we cannot forget that we still do not have any pieces of news about the Final Fantasy VII remake – with Kingdom Hearts III is a bit understandable. When it comes to this remake, we do not know much – we do not know when it is supposed to make its debut, even if there were some numerous rumors on the internet about the date. Some of them say that the game will hit the market soon. According to some rumors about Square Enix, some even say that 2019 is our year, but we think that is not realistic, since we have seen how the previous development update that came from the team turned to be.



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