Final Fantasy 9 is Now Available for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has started to gain traction in the recent months, reaching record sales numbers in December. The success of the portable console prompted some AAA publishers to release a selection of their most successful titles on the platform.

Nintendo has recently announced that Final Fantasy 9 is now available for the Switch, and the legendary Final Fantasy 7 will arrive on March 26. The announcement was made during the latest Nintendo Direct event.

The partnership between Square Enix and Nintendo was announced back in September 2018. The former has promised that Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 10-2 will also make an appearance on the Switch. Square has also declared that 2016’S Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age will be released at some point in the feature. Some sources believe that select features will be removed in order to facilitate the porting process but that remains to be seen.

A spin-off title named Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Body was also teased and it will become available on March 20.

Final Fantasy is a well-known JRPG franchise that debuted back in 1987. The series has become a staple in the world of video games, introducing many of the features that are currently used by many RPG titles. The original titles and two of the sequels were released for the NES, gaining a huge fan base in Japan and the USA.

Fifteen main titles have been released until now and several spin-off titles are also available. While the series started as a Nintendo exclusive most of the titles are available on a variety of platforms including Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

When the topic comes around many gamers will argue that Final Fantasy 7 is the best title in the series. The game managed to deliver a wonderful plot that offered a satisfying adventure, accompanied by memorable gameplay that has remained enjoyable even today.

It is likely that more AAA titles will arrive on the console in the future.

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