Final Fantasy 16: What Do We Want to See in the Game

Square Enix, which is the Final Fantasy developer and the owner, has recently given a statement about the next game of the series.

We all know that Final Fantasy is a great game and truly iconic for us. We think that it’s due to the fact that it has a unique concept, thing that also attracts players from all around the world.

What do we want to see in the next game?

Of course, we want an exciting plot, amazing new features, and great storylines.


In Final Fantasy 15, we’ve seen how popular the game was due to its plot and the way it was told in the game. We’ve also seen some amazing characters, and the players were thrilled to get to know them.

In the new game, we’d like to see stronger characters – main characters, or, at least, the cast of heroes. We’d also love a female protagonist. With a female on the game, we might see a stronger impact and an improvement for characters.


With Final Fantasy 15, we got a great open world experience. However, we’ve also seen some flaws, and we’d like them to be fixed for the next game. We believe that the present version of the game comes with a good open world interface, so it might be easier for the next game to present its vision better.

Combat system

We’ve seen how the team behind the game went for the traditional battle systems to the dynamic ones, with real-time combat, and not just an old arrangement of menus – they were just not enough for us. However, they want to include both of them for Final Fantasy 16. So, we except that the existing methods will be combined with new skills, characters, and the game should also be more interactive, if you’re asking us.



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