Epic May Expand into the App Market – Google Play Store and Apple Store in Danger

The supremacy of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store may be threatened in the future.

Fortnite develop Epic Games has successfully released the mobile version of the hit shooter game without using established channels.

Those that wish to play the game on their device have to download it from the official Epic Games website. The title premiered on the iOS platform while the Android version is still in beta. Over 100 Android smartphones are officially supported and more devices will be added in the future.

As Epic was working on the Android version the Play Store was flooded with cheap clones that claimed to be the real deal. The developer noted from the start that users will not be able to download and install the game from the Play Store.

The journey proved to be a bit rocky due to several issues. The Fortnite installer was quite vulnerable in the early stages as hackers tried to inject malware that could be downloaded by unsuspecting users. The beta version for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 was filled with bugs, a huge disappointment for an exclusive version that was in the works for months but didn’t work as expected on two similar devices.

Over 15 million users decided to install the mobile version of Fortnite, boosting the popularity of the game. Epic claims that there are over 200 million accounts and the game has already generated over $1 billion dollars in revenue. Since the game is not present on a third-party platform Epic will retain all the profit in order to improve the game and expand into other ventures. One of them is the recently launched Epic Store which is already shaping up to be quite successful. While it is not a stream killer the store managed to secure some exclusives and the range will grow in the future as more developers are attracted by the lower tax.

It is likely that Epic may decide the launch an app market in the future. While this could happen for Android Apple will certainly reject a direct competitor.

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