Enhance Your Chrome For Android Experience Using These Tips

Google Chrome is considered by many users the best browsers in the world, and there are many reasons to believe that. The browser is fast, efficient and reliable. When it comes to mobile phones, the browser is just as popular, especially for Android users. Today we will share a couple of tips that should make the Chrome experience become better than ever. Let’s check them out.

Exporting bookmarks

If you also use Google Chrome on a desktop you might want to export your bookmarks on mobile as well. You can do this via cloud synchronization. When you first open the app, your browser will allow you to use your Google Account in order to sync bookmarks and passwords.

Is Installing extensions possible?

Sadly, on Chrome for Android you won’t be able to install extensions. Surprisingly, other browsers can do that even on mobile. Therefore, if you want to use extensions you might want to use a different mobile browser such as Mozilla Firefox.

Reader mode

If you access a page with a lot of text, you should know that Google Chrome can help you read it easily with the help of the Reader mode. Simply tap the button and the fonts will show up larger, and the design of the site will be changed so that you can read the words easier.

Zooming in

It is possible to zoom in on Google Chrome on mobile, although it is not as straightforward as you’d expect it to be. In order to allow zooming you need to head over to the settings menu in Chrome, go to Accessibility and then choose Force enable zoom.

Downloading websites

When your internet connection is unstable you won’t be able to reload. However, this is something you can avoid by downloading sites so you can access them while you are offline. Simply tap the “download when online button” so that your websites will be automatically downloaded.

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