Elon Musk’s Starship Prototypes Comes in About ‘2 to 3 months’

SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk announced that the Texas and Florida Starship prototype rockets will fly “in 2 to 3 months”, even if it’s Starthopper demonstration prototype missed its goal of running last week. At SpaceX two Starship prototypes are being developed at the same time, at its Florida and Texas facilities, where both teams create their own rockets autonomously. They do that simply because they don’t want to start an internal competition and possible launch at collective progress that wouldn’t happen with just one team progressing together on the mission.

Musk’s derailed the inaugural untethered test of the Starhopper Starship demo prototype due to damage at its engines that led into a huge fireball, easily captured on camera by the local observers. Elon stated on Twitter that in fact there weren’t any important damages and we shouldn’t worry, because the result was only a “post test fuel leak”.

The SpaceX CEO took the decision after the incident, to set new dates for the untethered test, announcing that’ll happen soon this coming week. This is surely a mandatory stage for the company to keep going with any test flights of the more complete Starhopper prototypes. Those first tests will be, according to Musk, sub-orbital flights, with other orbital tests to come “2 to 3 months” after those first test flights 2 to 3 months from now on. Maybe Musk is rushing into taking decisions or maybe he is really optimistic, but we will surely see soon how things will evolve. He also revealed some other details, like how Starship will launch, and the fact that he’ll use a launch structure, even if this is still under construction, much like Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy does nowadays.

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