Earth’s Magnetic Pole Is Basically Running Around

Earth’s magnetic pole is moving quickly, so geologists are making an updated model in order to use it to predict what it would look like in the future. Every thing of your life, from maps to ships traveling on the ocean and even airplanes in the sky rely on the prediction they want to make – it’s called World Magnetic Model.

The last time a version of the model came out was in 2015, and it was supposed to last until 2020, but that won’t happen, since the magnetic field is changing very quickly, so the researchers have to make a new model now. It’s crucial we have the model because we don’t know for sure where the magnetic north is right now. It moves a lot, so it’s difficult to see where it is placed exactly.

Ever since it was first documented in 1831, the magnetic pole has moved around very much, from Siberia to Canada. Ye Olden Times is known for the seafaring vessels that relied everything on the magnetic north (it’s about compasses that were drawn to) to go around the globe in small wooden boats. It’s been thought that compasses pointed at a gigantic magnetic mountain in North. Generally, it was assumed that this mountain was placed at the geographic pole, so when they’ve discovered the magnetic declination, and the fact that the compasses don’t point to the north, they found a problem that was soon solved by placing the magnetic mountain far away from the geographic pole. However, this did not explain why the pole kept moving around all the time.

How did they know it was moving?

A philosopher was the first one to make a hypothesis on the fact that the Earth acted like a huge magnet, but the magnetic pole was nowhere to be found until Ross’s expedition, 200 years later. Scientist confirmed its motion when an explorer found the pole in a different location, some years later.




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