Donald Trump Complained About Losing Followers on Twitter Directly To Twitter CEO

An extraordinary meeting was organized by the White House last week, between U.S. President Donald Trump and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the problem that Donald Trump is having with his followers on Twitter, more precisely why he is losing followers. He even posted a picture on Twitter with Dorsey and others in the Oval Office, saying what a great meeting he’s having.

What Had Donald Trump Discussed with Dorsey?

For Dorsey, this was the first time when he had met with Donald Trump, and he replied with a tweet saying that Twitter is a social media platform in the service of the entire public and that the purpose is to make it civil and healthier. Dorsey had explained to Donald Trump that they are trying to remove spam accounts and the fake famous people accounts from the platform. So by doing that, everyone had lost followers, even Dorsey himself.

However, this discussion started from a tweet written by Trump that the company is very discriminatory with him and it’s not treating him well as a Republican. His anger started from the fact that he lost 204,000 from 53.4 million followers in July. According to the social media data firm Keyhole, it all happened when the company had started cleaning the platform of doubtful accounts.

Donald Trump Has the Most Popular Twitter Accounts

Also, Donald Trump has the most-followed accounts on Twitter and from this fact he had often criticized the company about being bias against him and conservatives. Besides this, after the company has cleaned the spams and abusive post, their shares have increased by 13 % on this Tuesday.

The last announcement made by Carlos Monje, Twitter’s public policy director, says that the company does not use political viewpoints and they don’t do party affiliation.

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