Diablo 4 Release Date Soon: Blizzard Hiring People for it?

Hardcore Diablo fans have a new glimpse of hope as Blizzard is currently looking to hire people for a mysterious Diablo project.

The video game developer/publisher disappointed a lot of people back in November. A Diablo title was announced but the fans were fuming when they learned that Diablo Immortal is being developed for the mobile gaming public.

The issue stemmed from the fact that Blizzard announced a mobile game at a convention known for the dedicated PC/console public. Thousands of furious fans ventilated their rage on forum threads while Blizzard was trying to appease the situation.

Blizzard has declared in the past the several Diablo projects are currently active and but some projects take time in order to achieve the level of quality for which the company is known. The news has left many fans unfazed, as most of them are waiting to see concrete proof in order to avoid yet another disappointment.

Reliable sources claim that Diablo 4 is currently in development under the name of Project Fenris. Some claim that it could be inspired by Scandinavian mythology but this should be taken with a grain of salt.

The controversial mobile game is handled by an independent team and a well-known Chinese app maker that has published several successful games for the smartphone market.

Diablo Immortal will fill in the blank space between Diablo 2 and 3 but the mobile exclusivity seems to be a big turn off for the fan base. While a Diablo version for the Nintendo Switch was well-received fans were really hoping that Blizzard will announce the next game in the series at BlizzCon.

Loyal fans argue that Hearthstone is a popular game that is also available for smartphones and tablets. The problem here is that Hearthstone was a new IP and it also arrived on PC first, before making the jump to mobile devices.

The Blizzard Careers page is currently listing 22 Diablo-related jobs. Let’s hope that an announcement will arrive in the following months.

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