David Saint-Jacques Will Be Home Soon. He Entered the Final Stage of the Approach to Earth

David Saint-Jacques will return on Monday after he spent six months in space. After 4 p.m, Saint-Jacques, Oleg Kononenko, and Anne McClain got out of the International Space Station (ISS) and closed their Soyuz capsule.

The capsule undocked on Monday evening, and it is supposed to arrive back on Earth at 10 p.m. And just before 10 p.m, NASA said that the capsule came on Earth’s upper atmosphere. 

How is this ride described?

Bob Thirsk, who is a former Canadian astronaut, said that it is the wildest rides you can ever get on. He made this trip back in 2009. Thirsk stated that one of his friends compared it as going over Niagara Falls in a barrel..except the barrel is on fire. He kept talking to Saint-Jacques through e-mail and, apparently, the mission is going great.

In the last conference that Saint-Jacques held before he started the trip home, he said that he spent the last hours running through the procedure and making sure that the equipment was all right. He conducted last-minute technical checks everywhere.

Saint-Jacques will set a new record soon

When the module touches the center of Kazakhstan, on Monday night (Canada time), Saint-Jacque will set a new record for Canadian space endurance. He spent 204 consecutive days in orbit.

Thirsk was the one to hold the previous record. He spent 187 days on the board of the ISS. 

Russia’s Soyuz program has 60-year-old technology that helps astronauts and cosmonauts get into orbit, and then gets them home. It is a big difference between Soyuz and Space X’s Dragon or Boeing’s Starliner. 

With Soyuz, Russia has flown more than 140 missions, and there hasn’t been an accident since the early days of the program. Launch accidents are also rare with them.


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