Could Alien Life Be Found on Exomoons?

A distinguished astronomer has announced that alien life can be found on distant Moons, called Exomoons. The scientists have found 4.000 planets by now, but the number can go on. All the reports are shocking because they are common.  Also, many of these planets are capable of sustaining alien life on them. And on the other hand, many of them are too close to the Sun, or too far from the Sun. Because of the position, sustaining or not life on them has a simple answer: water. Water is necessary for maintaining life, so in the case of the other planets that are too close or far from the Sun, the water will freeze or evaporate.

The Planets and their Moons

Most of these planets are having Moons, and these planets can possess the right conditions for liquid water. This is the most critical factor for sustaining life. Dr. Phil Sutton, who works at the University of Lincoln, is saying that the Moons are internally heated by the gravitational pull of the orbiting planets. This phenomenon can lead the liquid water outside the habitable zone for planets. These are this kind of worlds the scientists are trying to find, the Earth-like planets.

However, scientists believe that the Moons are the ones that are capable of supporting extraterrestrial life. For understanding better how these Moons could be better candidates for life, the scientists are searching for more Moons. But all of this searching is hard work because these Moons are small and distant from Earth.

Besides this, they have found a way to overcome this problem; they have used a computer simulation for the rings around a planet called J1407b. The collars are 200 times bigger than the ones of Saturn, but they can’t show the scattered particles around the edges of the rings.

Finally, the findings are revealing that the orbiting Moons affect the particles from the ring edge. So, the scientists are continuing to search for these exomoons and the alien life on them.

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