China Plans to Explore the Dark Side of the Moon

The Chinese civilian space program will launch a mission that aims to explore the dark side of the moon, the zone that cannot be observed from Earth, at some point during the first two quarters of 2019.

A landing date hasn’t been offered at this time but the space agency has already found a suitable landing location. The probe will attempt to reach the Aitkin Basin, a large impact crater that is located near the south pole of the moon.

The rover will employ a variety an assortment of cameras in order to capture high-definition images of the landscape. A built-in high-performance radar will allow the researchers to scan the lower layers of the moon in order to learn more information about the geologic structure of the satellite.

It is likely that mission will allow the Chinese space agency to learn valuable data before it will send astronauts on the moon. The aim of a robotic mission is to compile a valuable set of data that can be used in order to facilitate other missions. Before the manned Apollo mission took place, NASA sent 21 robotic missions on the moon in order to anticipate all the factors and conditions that could affect the mission in one way or another.

The enterprise marks the first attempt to explore the far side of the moon, a perspective that has already excited many members of the scientific community.  It is thought that the dark side of the moon is covered in an ancient crust that formed during the early days of the solar system. Select rocks could date back to 4 billion years ago.

Until now all the missions sent towards the moon aimed to land on the side that can be seen from Earth. The main motive was the fact that communication is easier in this context since there is no obstacle between the devices and Earth. The Chinese mission will also employ an artificial satellite that will send data and receive data to Earth in order to avoid any interference.

It remains to be seen if the project will be successful.

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