Clash Royale January 2019 Update – New Game Modes and Other Additions

Supercell unleashed with today’s maintenance the Clash Royale January update. The update we got this month is quite hefty as it introduces a new card, a new Arena and two game modes. Beginning with today, not all of these are in the game, but the rest of the content will be arriving in February.

However, starting with today a new Arena called Spooky Town is available. It will unlock when you reach the number of 3600 Trophies, and you will need 4000 Trophies if you want to access the Legendary Arena.

The Trophy counts of all Arenas have been readjusted by Supercell so everything would go smoother. Now Gold and more cards will be contained in the chests rewarded at 4000 Trophies.

Along with this change in Trophy, counts comes a change in card unlocks no matter the Arena. Several cards unlocks has been reshuffled by Supercell and were attached to different Arenas. It means you can now access new cards that you have never seen before.

In case you have unlocked cards that have been moved to higher Arenas you get to keep them. They will still appear in your chests now matter the Arena level you are at.

Today’s update comes with a giant change that being to the much-maligned trading system. Supercell wanted to make it easier for users to trade their cards across time zone so now you can choose up to four cards that you would like to change. After that all the players have to do is choose their cards and the trade is made.

Aside from this change, the Mini Collection, a new mode is introduced. If you are a fan of deck building, then this is the mode for you. It was inspired by Clan Wars, and it offers you 40 cards that should be used to build the deck. The Spooky Town Tournament is now live, and the Mini Collection is featured there.

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