Calgary Electricity Retailer Wants the Government to Repair the Power Market

Jason Kenney’s government is being pressured to cancel the huge overhaul of the power market of Alberta, which makes that one player say that will spike costs by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Nick Clark, who is the owner of the retailer Calgary-based, called Spot Power, has sent the government of Alberta an open letter, in which he urges it to leave the electricity model proposed by the former NDP government.

Clark asks how is it possible to encourage the new industry to open up when one of their raw material costs so much, since the price can increase dramatically. The capacity of the market will come with even more costs for the consumer, and it will actually be a spiral downwards.

The leader of NDP is afraid of this price change

However, the leader of NDP named Rachel Notley takes part from the government that asked for the changes, said that the is afraid of the dramatic costs that could increase. She said that there are some certain people in the current electricity regime, who are interested in keeping the current situation going on.

During a recent election, Jason Kenney’s UCP promised to review the current and then the proposed options of the electricity market. They also have in plan to report everything they find in the first 90 days. They also promised to argue the subsidies for renewable power, while they make sure they have a market-based electricity system.

The New Democrats wanted to argue the present decontrolled power market, after they phased out the coal-fired generation. They also wanted to help in the new renewable power, as a part of their strategy of climate change.

The Alberta Electric System Operator stated that the province would actually need some new sources of electricity in order to replace the shuttered coal plants and solar generators.

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