Bungie to Spend the NetEase Investment to Get Destiny Back?

Activision was more than happy to sell Destiny back to Bungie and finish the 10-year agreement with the company. The franchise was not as successful as Activision wanted it to be, and it started to be harder to manage. Bungie then wanted publishing rights so it could be in total control over Destiny.

How much did Bungie pay for it?

According to a report, the company made about $164 million by selling the publishing rights of Destiny back to Bungie.  It is possible that Bungie spent the $100 million investment it got from NetEase for Destiny. Activision has no rights whatsoever or obligations to the Destiny series. As a result of this agreement, the company has seen bookings of $20 million, GAAP incomes of $164 million, and GAAP operating salary of $91 million – that in 2018. The investment of NetEase made Bungie announce that there’s a new bold vision in the talks, and they want to start publishing their own games.

Bungie to come with new games?

Shortly after the agreement, we’ve seen details about Bungie giving us a lot more content and brand new games. However, if Bungie spends all of the investments in the rights of Destiny, it’s most likely that the game franchise will be the only step forward they’re taking. Some reports have shown that the studio is working on a new IP, related to a trademark for “Matter”, but it really depends on how much money Bungie can make from Destiny 1 and Destiny 2, and how much they’re going to keep for the development of new projects.

We don’t think that the studio spent all of its money on buying back Destiny. It’s possible that the studio has a well-structured plan, and that is in full control of Destiny’s IP.


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