Bots can Make the Use of Facebook Messenger a Lot More Interactive and Fun

Communication is probably the most important feature in social media and Facebook developers are aware of people’s needs. As we know, the virtual community gave us Messenger, a cool and versatile app which we can use to maintain contact with our friends and family.

The awesome chat tool became so popular that over a billion people were using it in 2017. This popularity made people imagine more and more practical uses for Facebook Messenger. In this idea, the social media giant introduced ”Messenger bots” with the purpose of helping brands and individuals reach out to their audience in a more professional and interactive way.

What are Facebook Messenger Bots and how can we use them?

Next we will mention a few details for those who don’t know what a Facebook Messenger Bot is. We are talking about interactive tools based on Artificial Intelligence. They can be used for automatically updating a Messenger channel and for communication with a brand’s customers.

Also, users can increase their level of knowledge in a certain domain, update their information asking questions about a certain brand and more. Messenger tools give the page owners full control over their bot and facilitate the interaction between users and the channel administrator.

  • You can start using Messenger bots by accessing the associated app from your smartphone. Bots work just as well on PC or laptop. In case you are using Facebook from one of those devices enter the official Messenger website or click on the Messages section from your social platform profile;
  • Once you have completed this step, select the See all in Messenger category. Next, you’ll have to navigate on the Search tab and type the name of the bot you want to use;
  • When you find the bot you’re looking for, click on it and you’ll see a chat box popping out;
  • The last step is to choose Get started and begin your interaction with the brand or person you were looking for.

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