Banff Train Derailment: Will the Spilled Grain Be a Problem for Bears?

Some spilled grain from a train derailment could be very dangerous for the population of grizzly bears from Banff National Park. Let’s not forget that the hibernation season is almost over.

The Canadian Pacific Railway said in a statement that one of its freight trains derailed – 10 cars full of grain and ten empty car carriers went off the tracks on Thursday. Fix of them spilled the products. Parks Canada said that they had sent law enforcement officers, resource conservation staff, and human-wildlife specialists to the sites in order to see how the entire situation had an impact on the Bow River. Some of the mature trees were knocked onto the river ice. However, no car and no content entered the water.

They are trying to ameliorate the situation

The biggest concern is the spilled grain, which Parks Canada stated that would be removed quickly and very carefully. In the next 2 to 4 weeks, grizzly bears will make their appearance again, and they will be attracted to the spilled canola. They also said that they are working to ameliorate the impacts of the spilled grain on the wildlife from that area. They will do a thorough clean-up, put up some electric fencing to make sure that the wildlife is excluded from that area and some additional clean up, as snow melt might expose the spillage that could not be found.

The incident took place at Mile 87 of the Laggan subdivision, which is a place where the public cannot easily get access. There were also no injuries, and no dangerous goods were involved.

As a result, the Bow Valley Parkway will be closed between the Johnston Canyon and the Fireside Day Use Area until further notice – this happens due to the heavy equipment accessing the damaged cars.

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